Quality Essentials

Set Up, Manage, & Optimize Quality Programs with Ease

Purpose-built to offer organizations the tools they need to manage their most critical quality workflows with confidence, improve compliance, and reduce incidents, all with a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Our purpose-built solution package reduces the time needed to deploy a world-class Quality solution, driving user adoption, reducing costs, and speeding up your overall time-to-value. This fast-tracked deployment ensures you see results in your quality program improvement immediately. 

  • Enhanced Data and Insights

    With out-of-the-box reports, data visualizations, and advanced analytics, we make it easier to assess your quality performance at a glance, helping you drive accountability and reveal the actionable insights that help you make the most intelligent decisions on where to prioritize your time and resources.

  • Simplified Processes

    Automated scheduling, alerts, and escalation workflows ensure critical tasks are never missed, helping non-compliance items to be addressed before they can lead to regulatory infractions. Cority simplifies data collection to meet reporting timelines to external agencies, keeping your business off their radar.

Whether you're an ESG-focused investor or a manager handling portfolio, assets, or risks, our trusted solutions provide precise data-driven insights. Elevate your ESG journey with Cority's streamlined data collection and reporting for informed, responsible investment decisions.

The Market-Leading Integrated Quality Solution

Unlike other providers, our integrated quality solution is designed, developed and supported by industry experts (and has been for 30+ years).

Our solution, packed full of best-practice features, is designed for rapid deployment offering a faster time-to-value, and helping you get control of your quality program quickly and easily.

  • More Empowered Workforce

    Our mobile app with a simple, intuitive, and personalized interface makes it easier for your front-line employees to actively contribute to building a strong quality program. Workers can easily complete tasks, update progress, and even report nonconformance wherever they are, online or offline, ensuring that the data that leaders use to make decisions is always accurate.

  • A Program That Fits Your Needs

    Cority provides best-in-class Quality solutions aligned to your immediate needs, but that can grow with your business. Our Quality Essentials package helps your business get its quality program on a solid footing and provides opportunities to bolt on additional features based on your timing and needs. 

Over 1,600 global organizations trust Cority

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Cority enables organizations to utilize Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software solutions to advance their journey to sustainability and operational excellence.